Woman’s dream home is only 140 square feet but it’s incredible inside

Not everyone dreams of living in a tiny house, but for Vina Lustado, her 140 square foot home in Ojai, California, is her slice of paradise.

Vina, who’s a designer, opened her doors to the world, showcasing the charm and functionality of her compact living space.

Her story might just inspire you to consider a tiny home for yourself!


Simple living is part of her core.

Vina’s journey to tiny living began in the Philippines, where she grew up as one of nine children in a financially modest family.

This upbringing ingrained in her the value of simplicity, a principle she carried into her adult life.

Vina’s home is a beautiful example of thoughtful design and efficient use of space.

In an interview with Houzz TV, she explained,

“The design of the house is very thought out. You really have to make every single use of square inch that you have.”

Her home, which is mobile and weighs over 10,000 lbs, is strategically oriented to maximize heating and cooling efficiency.

According to her website, the house is off the grid, and cost around $40K (which includes things like solar panels, furnishings, etc).

Built from western red cedar, it’s both rot-resistant and durable, as noted by Carpenter Kris McCourtney.

The concept of multi-functional spaces is central to Vina’s tiny home.

Her deck not only extends her living area but also serves as a dining space, entertainment area, and a serene spot for relaxation.

Inside, her living room doubles as an office, library, and guest bedroom, showcasing the versatility of her compact dwelling.


Vina’s kitchen is surprisingly spacious for such a small home.

She shared with HouzzTV,

“Believe it or not, my kitchen is the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had in any of the guesthouses I’ve rented, pretty much throughout my adult life, which is pretty crazy.”

The kitchen features open shelving, a deep sink, and a water recycling system that nourishes her grapefruit tree, embodying her philosophy: “Just because I’m tiny doesn’t mean I don’t go big.”


A highlight of Vina’s off-grid home is her 10-foot bedroom loft, featuring a skylight.

This unique feature allows her to stargaze at night, watch birds by day, and feel connected to the outdoors, enhancing the overall living experience in her tiny home.

It’s any nature lover’s dream hideaway.


For Vina, her 140 square foot house is more than just a living space – it’s a lifestyle choice that reflects her values.

She shared,

“When you think about your daily life, having to go to work every day and then making the money to just support your lifestyle of your big house. And really, how much time do you really spend with your family? Quality time, not cleaning out the garage.”

Vina’s tiny home is not just a residence – it’s a statement about living simply and meaningfully.

Her story invites us to reconsider our own living spaces and what truly matters in our lives.

Who knows, it might just spark your interest in downsizing and embracing a simpler, more intentional way of living.


To experience the charm and ingenuity of Vina’s tiny home, watch the video tour below!

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